Home page for a care home

To all visitors,

After considering the growing concerns regarding the spread of the CoVid-19 Coronavirus, Fairlawn is unfortunately in the position of having to restrict visits except for those that are unavoidable and essential (such as those from doctors and district nurses).

Our residents are in good health and without concerns of exposure, as you’ll be able to see in the videos and photographs below.

This isn’t a decision that has been taken lightly and we hope you understand our reasons for this action. Accordingly, we thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

During this period we will upload videos and photos of life going on within the home. We hope you find them as entertaining as we do.

(Below) Tuesday 26th May 2020: Enjoying another lovely sunny day.

(Below) Thursday 21st May 2020: Playing some fun games and enjoying another singalong.

(Below) Friday 15th May 2020: Playing word games and enjoying another lovely day.

(Below) Wednesday 13th May 2020: Nails done again.

(Below) Tuesday 12th May 2020: Playing board games and singing along.

(Below) Friday 8th May 2020: Celebrating VE Day.

(Below) Thursday 7th May 2020: Decorating for VE Day.

(Below) Thursday 7th May 2020:

Earlier this week Margaret celebrated her birthday. Congratulations!

(Below) Wednesday 6th May 2020: Nails day.

(Below) Tuesday 5th May 2020: Arts and crafts.

(Below) Monday 4th May 2020: Skittles!

(Below) Friday 1st May 2020:

Earlier this week Pam celebrated her birthday. Congratulations!

(Below) Thursday 30th April 2020: Dominoes and dancing.

(Below) Tuesday 28th April 2020:

As the weather turned cold it was time to get the knitting out again.

(Below) Friday 24th April 2020: Another nice day.

(Below) Thursday 23rd April 2020: A little colouring in.

(Below) Wednesday 22nd April 2020: Enjoying the sun and having fun.

(Below) Tuesday 21st April 2020: Board games.

(Below) Monday 20th April 2020: Playing quizzes in the lounge.

(Below) Friday 17th April 2020: Enjoying the weather, followed by arts and crafts and bowling.

(Below) Wednesday 15th April 2020: After all that dancing yesterday, some nice relaxing knitting!

(Below) Tuesday 14th April 2020: Chair based exercises, followed by a dance party.

(Below) Monday 13th April 2020: Musical bingo and Easter eggs.

(Below) Friday 10th April 2020: Service from Allington Baptist Church.

We were very grateful to receive a lovely virtual service from the good people at Allington Baptist Church.

(Below) Thursday 9th April 2020: Playing darts and decorating for Easter.

Today we played some darts in the lounge and then decorated the home for the Easter holidays. Wishing all of you a happy and safe Easter!

(Below) Wednesday 8th April 2020: Still enjoying the nice weather, plus playing word games and painting nails.

(Below) Tuesday 7th April 2020: Enjoying the nice weather (and a jigsaw).

(Below) Friday 3rd April 2020: Messages from our residents.

Our residents have got artistic today and created some personal messages for their relatives and friends. We hope you enjoy them.

A welcome letter.

We were very pleased to receive a nice letter from a local family. It certainly cheered us up.

(Below) Thursday 2nd April 2020: A musical quiz in the lounge.

It’s lovely to see everyone joining in together.

(Below) A post-lunchtime singalong.

(Below) Wednesday 1st April 2020: Musical Bingo and Activities.

Samantha continued to provide our residents with lots of fun activities today.

Donated drawings from local children.

Today we were very touched to receive some lovely drawings donated by the children from the Allington area.

(Below) Tuesday 31st March 2020: Arts and crafts and then some dancing.

After a nice relaxing morning knitting and flower arranging it was suddenly time to tear up the dancefloor!

(Below) Thursday 26th March 2020: A lovely surprise!

We were very grateful to receive some lovely flowers from a local charity, MADM: Making a Difference. They were dropped off last night to brighten the home and raise the spirits of our residents and staff. Needless to say, we’re very touched and appreciative of this generous gift and wanted to share them with you all.

(Below) Wednesday 25th March 2020: Arts and Crafts, making a positive message for everyone these days.

(Below) Tuesday 24th March 2020: A very special day: a 100th birthday. Congratulations!

(Below) Tuesday 24th March 2020: Arts and Crafts.

(Below) Monday 23rd March 2020: Snakes and Ladders.

(Below) Sunday 22nd March 2020 – Mother’s Day.

(Below) Thursday 19th March 2020: Arts and Crafts.

Hello and welcome to this home page

Home page for a care home, isn’t meant to be a play on words! Fairlawn is a residential/dementia care home in Maidstone. If you are looking at websites for a care home, you will by now understand the difference between residential homes, nursing homes and an EMI home. We started here in September just after the summer of 1999.

On the other hand, call me and I will go over it for you.

First of all

Let’s start by saying that finding suitable care accommodation for yourself, or your relative, is never going to be easy. Take a long deep breath and start slowly. Put the kettle on, or open a bottle of wine! Get the brochure from Social Services, or the hospital team who want to move your relative out of the hospital.

An excerpt from our latest Inspection Report:

People who lived in the home understood the care and treatment choices available to them. We spoke with three people who lived in the home and one said, “I am very comfortable here. The staff look after us well. We are probably not an easy lot to deal with because we get frustrated about what we cannot do any longer, like going for a nice long walk.” This person went on to say, “They respect you as a person here and make you as comfortable as possible. It is a nice setting and I have a good view and I can watch the squirrels in the garden from my window.”

In conclusion

Let agree that this isn’t going to be easy, but with our help it can be easier than you think. Because you are looking, there is a need. Its probably best to talk over that need with an expert in the field. Come and meet us as soon as you can so that we can resolve any current issues. At least then you will have some answers to work with.


We provide the following services:

– Activities five days per week


Respite care or permanent residency

– Hairdressing visits every Wednesday afternoon

– Chiropody visits every six weeks

– A four weekly rotation of menus, with at least two options every day and different menus for the summer and winter months. We have recently received a five star rating from the Food Standards Agency for hygiene.

– At least one outside entertainment act booked each month

– Motivation classes every four weeks


We would be happy to show you around the home at any time, although meal times are quite busy so if you could avoid them it would be very kind. Try to look at as many care homes as possible. Not just the ones with vacancies at the time.

Ask for a cup of tea, sit down and watch what happens while you drink your tea.

Nothing feels more like home than a nice cup of tea

Look forward to seeing you.

Nicole Kelly, Registered Manager
Owners Ms Mary Lawrence & Mr Michael Lawrence