Catering, the way to everyones heart

Catering, everyone loves to talk about the food.

We have two chefs at Fairlawn, supported by kitchen helpers, tea assistants and breakfast assistants. Catering is critical to our role as providers of care and we take it very seriously.

Bob is the senior chef. He is old, so that makes him the senior one! As you can see he is taking this very seriously indeed. If you do come near the kitchen and hear strange noises, it will probably be Bob singing. All I can say is, sorry.

Chef Bob

And we all enjoy a BBQ in the summer too, you will be invited to join us. Feel free to bring a bottle of your favourite tipple. The staff have asked me to say they all like Champagne!

Outdoor catering is popular with Chef Bob

As you can see he is barmy as a brush! Wayne is another chef, bit younger than old Bob! No picture yet but we are working on it. He has just asked Karen our Team Leader to marry him!!! Wahhoooo. A Fairlawn wedding. Hope we all get an invite to the party. Back to work….

Finally a picture of the young chef Wayne. He is actually much older than he looks! Seen here utilizing a dustpan and brush. Just to prove that he can!

If you would like to see a particular dish on the menu, please let us know and we will get the barmy one to work on it right away. Also, we would be very pleased to see you in our kitchen! If you would like to cook your relatives favourite dish, just they way they like it, please ask. We love to see you joining in and we get to learn a little more about your relative.


Or if you just want to bake a cake, come on down!!!